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orange flower water

Recipes with Orange Flower Water

Orange flower water or orange blossom water is obtained by steam distillation of fresh bitter orange flowers for their essential oils. Today it is used in meals, desserts and lotions.Orange flower has moisturizing, soothing and color equalizing properties. It nourishes the skin. It is used as a skin cleanser and tonic. It is preferred in cosmetic products and perfumes.

It strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. It combats signs of aging, wrinkles and spots. It has anti aging properties. It has an astringent, pore-shrinking effect for porous skin. If you have dry skin, it contributes to antioxidant production. If you have oily skin, orange blossom helps you control excess oil production, thanks to the large amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants it contains.

It is effective in reducing anxiety and sleep problems.It is generally used as an aromatizer in desserts in Mediterranean cuisine. Over time, it started to be used in cakes, donuts and even cocktails. Orange blossom water can be added to cakes, puddings, and candies.It has a calming effect. When you feel stressed or anxious, mix 2 tablespoons of orange flower juice in a glass of water.

Drink before going to bed. It is used in North African and Middle Eastern countries for stomach pain. It helps to reduce headache and menstrual pain.

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