cotija cheese

Recipes with Cotija Cheese

Usually aged cheese made from cow's milk from Cotija, Mexico. It is consumed fresh or aged. Cotija is prepared with raw cow's milk. It is a white and salty cheese. Its consistency is hard.

It is also known as Mexican parmesan or Anejo. It is a hard and crumbly cheese like Parmesan. But it is more salty. It is produced from July to September. It is a seasonal flavor. It is mostly sold in grated form in the markets.

It is especially preferred in Mexican food. It is generally consumed with burritos, quesadillas, salads, tostadas, pasta, soups, and tacos. In addition, cotija cheese is sprinkled on Elote, Mexico's street corn. It is served crumbled or grated due to its hard texture. It does not melt when it is cooked. It is used to add flavor to many dishes such as stew in Mexico. In the USA, it is grated on cooked meals. It is served with salads and fruits as well as pasta.

Instead of fresh Cotija cheese, Feta cheese can be preferred as white cheese. Parmesan would be an ideal choice instead of aged Cotija cheese.



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