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10 Best Korean Barbecue Restaurants in the US

16 November 2021

Are you feeling like cooking your own meat on a grill? And how about a tasty side dish of kimchi? These are the best Korean barbecue restaurants.

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Going out for dinner is always special. Cooking your meat on a Korean barbecue grill is on another level!

There’s no doubt the experience in Korean barbecue restaurants is hard to beat, and all those colorful side dishes are lovely. What are the best Korean barbecue restaurants? Here’s our list.

What Are The Best Korean Barbecue Restaurants?

Choosing the best Korean barbecue restaurants from all around the country is no easy feat. Overall, the quality is incredible, and you’ll surely find a nice place to grill some meat at the table in any major city.

Still, some of our favorite restaurants have shown consistency and offer an authentic experience while innovating in the process. There’s no doubt Korean food has become more popular, and it’s gaining fans worldwide.

Visit one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants today before they’re all crowded! Korean food is becoming one of America’s favorite cuisines!

1. Keum Sung, New York

This family-friendly Korean barbecue in Flushing is authentic and casual. Great food, attentive service and a laid-back atmosphere make eating at Kum Sung a lovely experience.

Many locals and Koreans visit Keum Sung, so you know it’s the real deal, and although you want to order the barbecue, try the noodles as well; they’re some of the best in town.

2. Bori, Houston

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that goes for Korean barbecues as well. The large dining room in Bori is sophisticated and dim-lit. The food here is traditional, but it has a high-end flare.

Of course, you can expect world-class meat in Bori’s barbecue platters. After all, this is Texas. The different thin and thick-cut slices of prime beef just melt in your mouth. Don’t miss the kimchi fried rice.

3. Chicago Kalbi, Chicago

Chicago Kalbi specializes in Yakiniku, Japanese BBQ inspired in the most traditional Korean ways. This fusion cuisine is nothing but exciting, so even if you know Korean barbecue, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The quality is incredibly high, especially for such a small eatery, but Chef Tozuka makes it work. You can expect a meal to remember for a long time with extraordinary ingredients, including Wagyu beef. This might not be an authentic Korean experience, but it’s equally rewarding.

4. Chosun Galbee, Los Angeles

Now, this is the place to be in LA for authentic Korean barbecue. Enjoy prime sirloin steaks, pork, shrimp and noodles. All with a cold cup of soju, there’s nothing like dining at Chosun Galbee.

With authentic Korean chefs and knowledgeable staff, Chosun Galbee is a high-end experience best for special occasions. Try a little of everything because this is one of the best meals in town.

5. Hoban Korean BBQ, Minneapolis

This laid-back barbecue restaurant in uptown Minneapolis has been around since 2016. It is one of the first restaurants of its category in the city — it’s one of the most popular as well.

The wide range of ban-chan or side dishes served with the thin meat slices to grill the center table makes eating at Hoban pretty satisfying. The portions are more than wholesome, but the quality is just as good!

6. Meet Korean, Seattle

Meat, fire and fermentation come together in a trendy Korean barbecue like no other. With stylish decor and the innovative feel of Seattle restaurants, Meet Korean is more than authentic; it’s fun!

Young and loud, Meet Korean is what barbecues should be all about, having a good time with friends. The quality is outstanding, though, and the food is presented beautifully. In a few words, this barbecue joint is the very definition of attention to detail.

7. Tong Sam Gyup Goo Yi, New York

This small eatery in Flushing might not be high-browed and flashy, but the food is seriously traditional, and the service is top notch. This is where you want to go for a Korean-style family meal.

In fact, you’ll see several Korean families spending their evenings here, and that alone tells you that this is the real deal. Try the Samgyupsal — thinly sliced barbecued pork; it’s stunning.

8. Kimchi Bistro, Seattle

For a quick and comforting Korean meal, Kimchi Bistro has you covered. Again, this small, casual and family-friendly eatery contrasts greatly with more sophisticated Korean restaurants, but it’s in these small restaurants where you find the most genuine food.

Try the tofu kimchi as an appetizer and don’t miss out on the udon noodles. The barbecue, of course, is a must, but everything is delicious. The staff is also super friendly!

9. Manna Dosirak, Washington, DC

A casual Korean food joint at the heart of Washington DC, Manna Dosirak is owned by Koreans, and the cook is also Korean made. Manna Dosirak is more of a takeout spot than a restaurant, but the food is on another level, especially the grilled meat, spicy pork and kimchi fried rice.

The secret here is that Manna Dosirak is family-owned and operated, and that makes all the difference. If you’re into Korean food but are in a hurry, you’ll love this place.

10. Quarters Korean BBQ, Los Angeles

Let’s close our list with another grilling spot in LA. A Quarter is larger than life. They’re doing everything right, especially the barbecue.

Fun and loud, Quarters is perfect for large groups of friends or for treating the entire family with colorful Korean food and a great selection of drinks. Here, pork is king, so expect the juiciest, thinnest slices of pork and the most flavorful ribs you’ve ever had.

Korean Barbecue Changes You

How not to love Korean barbecue spots? After all, wholesome, flavorful meals are guaranteed. And if you thought you knew what barbecue was, you’re in for a surprise!

Korean barbecue is unique, and there’s really nothing like it in the world. You’ll have lots of fun cooking the juiciest and most tender slices of meat right there on your table. And the side dishes truly round up the experience.

Visit one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants and have a great time! Don’t forget to add some kimchi to your order. Korean rice bibimbap is formidable as well, so there’s plenty to choose from.

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