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rum essence

Recipes with Rum Essence

Rum essence is a concentrated flavor extracted from rum. It has a clear yellow-brown and fruity caramel flavor. Since rum extract is a processed artificial rum flavor, it has no significant health benefits.Rum essence is a foodstuff made from rum for use in foods. Rum Extract and Vanilla Extract are among the main ingredients of it. It is used to add smell and taste to foods.

There are varieties with and without alcohol. There are two types of rum extract: Natural and Imitation Rum Extract. Natural extracts are made from rum and have a richer flavor. Imitation extracts are made with artificial ingredients.Rum essence can be added to pastries such as cakes, cookies and sauces, ice cream, drinks. It gives rum flavor without disturbing the liquid balance of the meals.

In recipes, rum liqueur can be used instead of rum essence. You can use 3 tablespoons of rum instead of 1 teaspoon of rum extract. Rum essence should be stored in a dry, cool and dark place.

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