Best Air Fryer Cookbooks in 2021

2 August 2021

An air fryer will change your life. It’s the best way there is to cook your favorite food healthily. Now, enjoy these recipe books and get frying!

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Air fryers let you cook your favorite foods with little to no oil. That’s a game-changer. The thing is, you’ll run out of ideas fast, so here are the 10 best air fryer cookbooks in 2021. Make the most out of your favorite appliance.

1. Skinnytaste Air Fryer Dinners

Authors Gina Homolka and Heather K. Jones put together this marvelous cookbook with over 75 recipes for your air fryer. What’s best is that these aren’t only a bunch of recipes but dinner ideas, mainly focused on weeknights — and that’s precisely what we all need. Recipes that we can actually use!

The meals are low calorie, of course, and they call for very little oil. There are keto, gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives in the cookbook as well, so there’s something for everyone here. Sure, many cookbooks in this list have many more recipes, but the number matters not — it’s the quality!

2. Air Fryer Perfection

This more commercial cookbook might not have such a personal touch, but it is undoubtedly thorough, methodical and varied.

America’s Test Kitchen designed this handy cookbook, and they’re well-known for being precise with their recipes. That’s just what you’ll find in Air Fryer Perfection — from crispy fries and juicy steaks to perfect vegetables.

This book is not only about what to cook but also about getting the best results possible with your appliance. Fish sticks, zucchini fries or pork tenderloin. You’ll surely find inspiration in this authentic manual. 192 pages of pure air frying knowledge.

3. Keto Air Fryer

This thoughtful cookbook by Maria Emmerich has over one hundred keto diet recipes using an air fryer. Although the book was published in 2019, it surfaced just recently, and it’s easy to see why. The recipes are gorgeous! Not only is the food tasty but super healthy and keto friends. No carbs here, just meaty dishes and lots of crispy veggies.

How does a breakfast pizza sound like? Or how about some coconut shrimp? Well, you’ll find it all in the Keto Air Fryer Cookbook. All beautifully illustrated, clear and precise. From sides and starters to entire meals, this one’s one not to miss.

4.The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners

We’re not all Iron Chefs, so beginner recipes satisfy an authentic need. No one explains an air fryer better than Robbie B. Ney, author of The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners.

You’ll find over 1000 recipes in this masterpiece, and although some are fairly simple, including quick snacks, dips and salad dressings, others are pretty interesting, especially the many recipes that only call for five ingredients — that’s what beginners love, right?

This is truly a beginner’s cookbook to get you started in the marvelous air frying world. This one will make you more than a beginner, though, that’s for sure!

5. Taste of Home Everyday Air Fryer

We all know Taste of Home has its hits and misses, but their air fryer cookbook is undoubtedly a success. Find over 100 dinner ideas, from starters to dessert, and they all involve an air fryer; how cool is that?

We’re talking 256 pages, lots of images and precise directions for classics like crispy fried chicken, tacos, wontons and even meals for your kids. Let me tell you, if you enjoy the comfort food often published by Taste of Home, this book is for you, especially if you like deliciously looking pictures!

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6. Simple Air Fryer Cookbook with Pictures

Cecily Goodwin put together this lovely cookbook that’s everything but simple, in a good way. Find lots of recipes for beginners and a great deal of tips and tricks to make the most out of our favorite air frying appliance.

Some highlights include a handy timetable to the most popular foods you want to air fry, meals including sides and bread, and even instructions to keep your appliance clean and working 100%. The greatest asset here is that all recipes take less than half an hour to put together. That’s something we all appreciate.

7. The Essential Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners

We absolutely love what Laurie Fleming has done with this cookbook. This is not a random collection of recipes but a picture of modern and traditional American cooking.

Picture yourself air frying southern comfort classics, spicy buffalo wings, cinnamon rolls and pink rib eyes with herb butter. That’s what we call a meal! And if you consider these are made with minimal oil, you know you’ve got something special in your hands.

For roast or toast, you want to check this cookbook out. It’s lovely to read as well!

8. Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbook

Healthy and tasty are aligned in Janet Dockery’s cookbook: Plant-Based Air Fryer. This is more than an air fryer cookbook; it’s a complete guide for eating whole food that’s healthy all around.

The recipes here use an air fryer and little more. No other pots and pans, and that means cooking mess-free; that sounds like a good proposition. You’ll also find an entire chapter about plant-based eating, a guide to everything air fryer and lots of hacks and tricks to cook easy, fast and healthy meals from breakfast to dinner.

9. Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook

There are many great cookbooks on this list, but you want to check out Lewis Ryan’s Diabetic Air Fryer Cookbook. This is the only item in the list that will shed light on recipes with a low glycemic index, and that’s critical for many people.

Diabetes is no joke and cooking healthy food if you suffer from the condition is more complicated than you think. If you know someone with diabetes, then gift them this handy book and an air fryer too! You might change their lives.

10. Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook

Vegan food just got more exciting, all thanks to Diana Parker and her fabulous Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook. Healthy, colorful and tasty all-vegan meals made with an air fryer are something many of us are craving.

From a vegan casserole to a cheesy vegan sandwich, this is more than just salads and lentil burgers; there’s good stuff here. And if you think you’ll find one or two good recipes in this cookbook, think again, these are 250 recipes, and they’re all definitely attractive. There’s something for every occasion, guaranteed.

Here are some our delicious recipes you can make with Air Fryer:

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Fish and Chips

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Chicken Quesadilla

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Hot Cheetos Chicken

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