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10 Best Date Restaurants in America

4 November 2021

When it comes to romantic dates, the setting matters. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best date restaurants in the USA. See if there’s one near you!

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There are many great restaurants around the country, but not all of them set the right mood for romance. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best date restaurants in the USA — places that will turn any dinner into a special occasion. Perhaps to pop out the big question?

1. The Modern, NYC

Romantic and classy restaurants in New York City abound and The Modern is one of the finest. Make sure you book a table for this one beforehand because the two Michelin-starred restaurants are quite popular.

The Modern has a slick dining room with tall ceilings, world-class service and the most intimate decor. The food is modern American with hints of French haute cuisine. Expect to pay a premium, but you and your date will never forget this evening.

2. Los Fuegos By Francis Mallmann, Miami

This restaurant is not romantic, but exhilarating! Everything here is cooked with fire on an open flame, making dining here primitive and sexy.

Argentine Chef Francis Mallmann is behind this meaty culinary experience that will swoon your partner’s senses. Not all date restaurants are candle-lit; some are illuminated by authentic fire ovens and blistering grills. How’s that for a unique date? Try the roasted meat and steaks but leave room for dessert and order a dulce de leche napoleon.

3. Cafe Monarch, Arizona

Café Monarch is an old-fashioned, elegant and gracious dining room — the very finest in Arizona, and it’s been that way for decades. For a relaxed meal under a dim light, there’s nothing like Cafe Monarch. Let’s just say they don’t make restaurants like this anymore.

Start your meal with a roasted cauliflower soup, move on to a coffee-crusted filet and finish the night with a lovely New York-style cheesecake. The wine list is awesome here, and they also have delicacies, like caviar. That’s fancy!

4. Spindletop, Houston

Take your date on a spin in Houston’s one and only spinning restaurant on top of the Hyatt. The Spindletop is a unique experience with a 360° view of the city — talking about conversation starters, right?

This out-of-the-ordinary restaurant focuses on seafood cooked American style, featuring lobster, shrimp, mussels and more. There’s salmon, too, and steak for the meat lover in you. The food here is beautifully presented, and the service runs like a clock. You’ll love it here.

5. The Pink Door, Seattle

One of the most charming restaurants in Seattle, the Pink Door, has been around since 1981, and it’s a locals’ favorite. The venue was once a violin shop, and it still has an artistic vibe. This is a small restaurant, intimate, even, but that’s what you want for a special date.

The food here is as pretty as it is tasty, from Sicilian arancini to squid ink spaghetti. The menu is inspired by the Italian classics, but all the dishes have the unique Pink Door touch.

6. Atelier Crenn, San Francisco

Atelier Crenn was made famous by the TV show Chef’s Table, and it’s a star in San Francisco’s dining scene. French Chef Dominique Crenn makes the most out of local ingredients for edible poetry, where every course is a story — this is the perfect stage for a special date, guaranteed.

Enjoy the most delicate small plates inspired by classic French cuisine with an American flair and the personal touch of the most famous female chef in America.

7. Cafe Degas, New Orleans

The most intimate outdoor café in New Orleans is also the most romantic. Cafe Degas has been around for 30 years, and it has the loveliest 19th- century feel. The Creole cuisine, the craft cocktails and the Southern decor are just charming, making this petite cafe the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Try the crawfish with spinach or the fried oysters with a side of hand-cut fries with aioli. And don’t forget to end the night with a Crème brûlée to share.

8. La Petite Folie, Chicago

Finding a nice restaurant in Chicago is easy. The Windy City has an astounding food scene. Amongst the most intimate venues, you’ll discover La Petite Folie, an authentic Parisian bistro in Hyde Park.

Mike and Mary Mastricola have run this small eatery since 1999, and it’s still one of the most popular date restaurants in the city. Try the duck pate with Port and Dijon or the smoked trout with a warm potato salad. In fact, everything is lovely!

9. Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas

You need not travel to Paris to enjoy dinner on top of the Eiffel tower. The Las Vegas version at the Paris Hotel is an extraordinary experience, too!

The best part? You get the most stunning background of bright lights from all the other hotels and casinos. That’s what we call a view! The food here is classic French and it’s served with a timely service offering a meal to remember for a long time. This is hands down amongst the most romantic venues in the states.

10. Iron Gate, Washington DC

Chef Anthony Chittum is behind this absolute masterpiece in the heart of DC. The menu is inspired by the purest Mediterranean flavors but makes the most out of the Atlantic bounties.

For the perfect date, ask for a table on the patio and order the oak-grilled oysters or the soft-shell crab and pair them with one of the many astounding white wines on the list. This is fine dining on another level.

Call That Special Friend; it’s Time for a Date!

Now that you know where to take your date for an unforgettable dinner, it’s time to make a call and invite a special friend. The wine, the music, the decor; all will be perfect!

We hope one of these restaurants is close to you. If they aren’t, they’re all worthy of a visit. Why not put together a romantic weekend somewhere nice? That’s what we call a special date!

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