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Best French Restaurants In The World

6 August 2021

French food is up there with the most refined cuisines in the world. Enjoy French traditions in one of the ten best French restaurants in the world!

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French food is up there with the most refined and exquisite cuisines globally, and it has been up there for centuries. There’s something exceptional in the European country’s cooking — it’s the quality of the ingredients and the talented chefs, it’s everything! Where to find the best French food around the world? See if you live close to one of the following restaurants; they’re the best French restaurants on the planet.

What Are the Best French Restaurants Around the World?

Great French restaurants abound. After all, French food is amongst the most popular and influential in history. Sure, finding a good French eatery is easy, but the best French restaurants in the world are a bit harder to find.

These authentic gastro-temples elevate your dining experience to heavenly heights, and they’re worth visiting, even if you have to travel from abroad. Read all about these beautiful restaurants and visit your favorite. A life-changing experience is guaranteed in every one of them.

1. The French Laundry - California, USA

Chef Thomas Keller built an authentic French oasis in the Napa Valley, California. It is one of the most recognized restaurants in the country, and although the menu focuses on New American cuisine, it’s all based on the most refined French techniques.

For a modernist, new world take on French cuisine and a five-star experience, the French Laundry is a must.

What to order: Oysters and Pearls (oysters and caviar.)

2. Mirazur - Menton, France

It comes as no surprise some of the finest French restaurants are in France, and in this case, we’re also talking about one of the best restaurants in the world in general.

Mirazur, in Menton, France, is run by an Argentine chef: Mauro Colagreco, and in less than a decade, he has put this lovely restaurant with lots of natural light in the spotlight; it opened in 2006.

With three Michelin stars, the attention to detail in the sea-inspired, sustainable menu is the stuff of legend.

What to order: Choco-pimprenelle.

3. Odette - Singapore

You’ll find this excellent French restaurant in the National Gallery Singapore, and it’s run by Chef Julien Royer. This is the perfect stage for a vibrant take on modern French cuisine with seasonality and a focus on using the world’s finest artisan products.

With three Michelin stars, it’s easy to see why this is also one of the most celebrated restaurants in the country. Right now, they focus on a takeaway and delivery menu called Odette at home.

What to order: Hokkaido Uni.

4. L’Astrance - Paris, France

Chef Pascal Barbot carries the banner for new French cuisine, where sustainability is a high priority, and the philosophy is, ‘Reinventing French cuisine.’

In a new location since 2020, this superb award-winning restaurant is unpretentious and focuses on showing the ingredients at their best with great skill. In this foodie paradise, a meal can last anywhere between three and four hours.

Expect to pay a premium for such a wonderful meal, but black truffles, caviar and other delicacies are often featured in the chef’s ‘surprise’ menu.

What to order: Baby Ravioli Stuffed With Citron.

5. Le Bernardin - New York, USA

Chef Eric Ripert is behind one of the finest restaurants in New York, Le Bernardin. This beautiful, modernist dining room is also a paradise for French seafood lovers.

Fish and seafood are the specialties here, but they’re treated with the famous French charm. After 20 years and with three Michelin stars, this restaurant is an experience to remember the rest of your life.

The tasting menu changes often, and it reflects seasonal ingredients with the catch of the day for food as fresh as it comes.

What to order: Foie Gras On A Toasted Baguette With Yellowfin Tuna.

6. Balthasar - London, UK

This restaurant in London offers traditional French cuisine with a nose-to-tail philosophy. The food here is complex and sophisticated. Still, it is very much traditional.

Everything here is delicious, even the bread (baked in-house.) Onion soup? You got it. Steak tartare? They got it too. All the classics are here and then some. Balthasar does things very well for lunch or dinner, and with a well-dressed dining room, eating here is truly fun!

What to order: Escargots With Garlic And Butter.

7. France-Soir - South Yarra, Australia

This Parisian bistro in Melbourne has been serving classic French food since 1986, but it feels as young as ever.

From a good steak to a classic salade Nicoise, the food here is authentic and thoughtful. The menu is in French, but the dishes are described in English, and the wine list is as varied and exciting as the dessert menu!

The crowd in France-Soir is young, and the ambient is loud. This is the perfect spot for enjoying French specialties with friends.

What to order: Skewers Of Grilled Beef Filet.

8. DB Bistro Moderne - New York, USA

Daniel Boulud is larger than life, he’s one of the most successful French chefs abroad, and it has made from New York City his home. DB Bistro is just that, a casual eatery, but don’t think for a second food is anything but extraordinary — expect contemporary French food with hints of American cuisine.

Gourmet burgers are the specialty here, but the three-course fix menu is much more French-inspired.

What to order: Foie Gras Burger.

9. L’Arpège - Paris, France

Superstar Chef Alain Passard is behind L’Arpège’s cuisine. With three Michelin stars since 1996, this is heaven for veggie lovers. The ingredients all come from the restaurant’s own farm and are treated with utmost care.

The Parisian restaurant offers several multi-course set menus, and they are heavy on vegetables, poultry and fish. The menu changes daily depending on the fresh produce received that day. Still, quality is consistently high from starters to dessert.

What to order: Slow-roasted Turbot.

10. Atelier Crenn - California, USA

This deeply personal project of French Chez Dominique Crenn is an homage to French cooking, and West Coast produce. More than food, what they serve here is poetry, and it’s glorious!

Graceful and refined, this three Michelin starred restaurant guarantees a good time in an intimate dining room where the service runs as smoothly as the kitchen. Chef Crenn is an international superstar, but her food is as humble and pure as ever.

What to order: Striped Bass, Boudin Noir and Porcini.

French Food, On Another Level

French food is truly on another level. The attention to detail, the quality of the ingredients and the refined technique make French food incredibly enjoyable.

From comforting Provencal dishes to high-end fine dining meals, French food is hard to beat. The good news is that some of the finest French restaurants are not even in France, and there might be one close to you!

Enjoy French food and make it count. Not every day can you feast on such delicate yet satisfying preparations! What’s your favorite French dish?

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