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acai puree

Recipes with Acai Puree

Acai is a fruit that grows in the Amazon rainforest in South America. It is dark purple in color and has seeds. Acai berry is considered a "superfood" with its high antioxidant content.It contains healthy fats and fibers. It is a fruit with low sugar content. It balances cholesterol. It helps to protect heart and brain health. Although it does not help you lose weight alone, it can help you lose weight with regular diet and exercise.

Acai fruit is used as a natural coloring and flavoring in foods and beverages such as ice cream and jelly. The most popular food made with acai berry is the acai bowl recipe.Acai berry is consumed in many forms. It is used in the form of fresh, frozen puree, powder or juice. It is very difficult to consume fresh acai fruit. It has a short shelf life.

Therefore, if you do not live in Brazil, it is unlikely that you will consume fresh acai fruit. Another option is the frozen puree form. Acai puree is perfect for making acai bowls. It is generally sold in packages of 100 g. It does not contain additives and sweeteners. Acai powder is also used frequently in acai bowl recipes.

Acai Bowl
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Acai Bowl

Easy and delicious Acai Bowl recipe for a healthy breakfast or snack! Get...