gelatin powder

Recipes with Gelatin Powder

Gelatin powder is gelatin that has been established and broken into grains. Thanks to its powdery consistency, it helps the gelatin to be easily dispersed throughout the mixture to which it is added. Gelatin powder is used as a thickener in cakes, confectionery, ice cream, puddings and yogurts. In addition, gelatin can be included in cold soups.

Before using the powdered gelatin in recipes, mix it for a few minutes until the gelatin is dissolved in warm water. Be sure you never boil any gelatin mix as it will lose its thickening quality. If you're adding sugar to the recipe, mix it with powdered gelatin before dissolving in water. You can also use gelatin leaves instead of gelatin powder in recipes. Instead of one packet of powdered gelatin, you can add four gelatin leaves.

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