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provolone cheese

Recipes with Provolone Cheese

Provolone is a traditional Italian cheese. It has a rich and velvety flavor. It is made from full-fat cow's milk and has a semi-soft texture. Most varieties are pasteurized and gluten-free. Traditional Provolone cheese may contain the addition of beef yeast. Therefore, it is not suitable for vegetarians.Provolone is a type of cheese called macaroni filata, such as mozzarella.

Provolone cheese comes in two types as provolone dolce (sweet) and provolone piccante (piquant). These two types of cheese are divided into light and sharp according to their taste intensity. Provolone dolce is smooth and creamy and has a sweet, nutty and buttery flavor. Provolone piccante has a sharper, saltier, more meaty flavor.It is high in calcium, protein and sodium.

Pale yellow Provolone cheese is versatile in cooking. It can be eaten alone or used in hoagies. When this cheese melts, its taste gets more intense. For this reason, grated provolone cheese is often preferred in pasta and pizza recipes. Instead of provolone, fontina cheese or mozzarella can be used in meals.

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