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Recipes about Pet Food

Proper nutrition of pets is very important for their health. Cats have a shorter digestive system and must be fed with meat. Cats need amino acids that are not secreted in the body, which they must intake from outside. They take these amino acids from animal foods. An adult cat consumes 60 - 70 g of cat food a day. It is important that the food is fresh. A 2-5 month old cat is fed 4 times a day, a 6 month old cat 3 times and 2 times until they reach adulthood.

Dogs can be fed both meat and herbs. As dogs grow, the number of meals should change. Food should be given 3 meals a day between 3-6 months, 2 meals a day when 6-14 months, and a meal a day after 12 months.

The number and amount of meals are average data. To calculate the nutritional value your pet needs these factors are important:

  • activity level
  • weight and height
  • current health conditions
  • age

Incorrect nutrition can cause many ailments, from skin and hair problems to urinary tract inflammation. You can determine the number and amount of meals for your cat and dog by consulting the veterinarian.

You can easily prepare food for your cat and dog at home. For this, check out our special recipes.

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