guajillo pepper

Recipes with Guajillo Pepper

Guajillo pepper is growned in Mexico. It is one of the most popular dried peppers used in Mexican cuisine. It is the dried form of Mirasol hot pepper. It has medium to high bitterness. It has a dark red-brown skin.

Guajillo chili pepper has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the capsaicin it contains, it can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Guajillo pepper is frequently used in Mexican cuisine. It is preferred for salsa sauce, tomato paste, meat dishes, casseroles and soups. There are different ways to prepare guajillo peppers. The seeds and stems are removed and added to the sauce. It is used by frying in some recipes. Dried guajillo pepper can also be added to meals in powder form. By adding it to salsa sauce, it can be used into tacos, enchiladas or tortilla chips.

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