Best Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh Longer

2 April 2020

One of the most important causes of food poisoning is wrong food preservation. If the food is not preserved properly, the bacteria in it can multiply dangerously. Undesirable consequences can occur at the end of careless preservation. So what should we consider when preserving our food? Here are the best ways to preserve food at home.

Try the salting method

It is one of the oldest methods of food storage. The water in the food is replaced by salt, so that it is stored intact for a long time. It is also known as brine method. It is a suitable method for meat, olives and fish.

Smoke them

The smoked method has become a rising trend in the new era. It is a method of cooking with smoke without fire. There are two types, cold and hot smoking. Smoked salmon and smoked cheese are examples of this method.

Protect with sugar

Sugar functions like salt, but its concentration should be higher. This method is used for jam, marmalade and confectionery. Thus, fruits and vegetables are consumed deliciously even if they are not in season.

It starts with the refrigerator

The invention of the refrigerator was an important step in preventing waste and preserving food. Today, thanks to refrigerators, we can store our food for a long time. The refrigerator temperature should be 5° C or below for a safer preservation. Freezer temperature should be below -15° C. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature in your refrigerator.

Pay attention to frozen foods

When shopping it is crucial to remember getting frozen foods last. In this way, you can take frozen food to your home in the fastest way and put it in the refrigerator. Particular attention should be paid, especially on hot summer days. If the distance between the market and your home is more than 30 minutes, try to take an insulated cooler bag or ice bag with you to keep frozen food cold. Also, be careful to keep hot and cold foods away from each other while taking them home. When you come home, immediately put the frozen foods in the fridge or freezer.

Do not refreeze thawed foods

If you want to cool the meals you already cooked you should be extra careful. First, avoid putting the steaming food in the fridge; so don't put too hot food in the fridge. Put the hot food in ramekins or smaller portions to cool the food as quickly as possible.

Keep raw and cooked foods away from each other

One of the key points to be considered when preserving foods in the refrigerator is the separate preservation of raw and cooked foods. Because bacteria from raw food can contaminate cold baked food and bacteria can reach dangerous levels if the food is not cooked again. Also, always try to keep raw food in closed ramekins.

Feel free to throw it away when you suspect

Remember that your health comes first. For this reason, do not keep the food you suspect in the refrigerator. Also check the expiration dates on the products in your refrigerator and discard any outdated food. If you are not sure about the expiration date, feel free to throw it away.

Please pay attention to recycling when disposing of garbage. Materials such as cardboard, glass, metal, plastic can be classified as waste. Reusing waste is only possible by recycling. The purpose of recycling is to minimize damage to nature. Let's not forget the importance of recycling in order to save energy, a clean environment for future generations, to prevent the reduction of natural resources and not to harm other creatures on the planet Earth. For more information, please visit WWF page.

Store legumes in glass jars by adding some rock salt.

Do not store the banana in the refrigerator.

Store vegetables such as potatoes, onions in containers where they can breathe, and prevent them from sprouting.

Store the flour in a glass jar by throwing 2-3 sprigs of bay leaves.

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