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14 Best Brunch Restaurants of the World

9 December 2022

Here's our list of the best healthy breakfast restaurants in the world. Add these to your bucket list because breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The Best Breakfast Restaurants in The WorldPhoto By Canva

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not only because you need to replenish your body with nutrients, but because a good meal in the morning will set your mood for the entire day.

Breakfast looks very different around the world. For some people, it's all about sour cream and smoked salmon; for others, it's shrimp and grits or a lovely corned beef hash. Some people can't live without their sausage gravy, home fries, overnight oats with maple syrup or biscuits and gravy.

For other people, breakfast is about wellness, so expect chia seeds, nut butter and egg white omelets, all with lots of grams of protein and less than 300 calories. Of course, breakfast options abound. You might enjoy the breakfast items at Burger King, and that's okay.

Some breakfasts, though, are just extraordinary. Here's a list of the best breakfast restaurants in the world. From a proper egg bagel to a spicy Mexican meal, from French classics to the heartiest of English breakfasts.

Add these to your foodie bucket list because although breakfasts everywhere are overall delicious, these are extraordinary life-changing experiences. Talking about the right way of starting the day, right?

Balthazar Restaurant - New York, NY

This utterly radiant brasserie first opened in the spring of 1997 to success and has only gone up from there. The restaurant floor is perpetually bustling and serves traditional French food all day, every day.

The brunch, however, is weekend-exclusive and is certainly worth the trip. We’d recommend their Eggs Norwegian for brunch - the lightest poached eggs you’ve ever seen served with smoked salmon and hollandaise. It comes with homemade fries, or a salad, but the star of the dish is certainly the eggs and fish - never before have we been so impressed by something so simple and so elegant!

La Cocina de Doña Esthela - Valle de Guadalupe, México

In 2016, the world of food was shocked when FoodieHub gave the 'Best Breakfast in the World Award' to a humble and picturesque eatery in Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe. The roadside establishment rose above prestigious restaurants in London, Tokyo, New Orleans, Mumbai and Baltimore.

This is home-cooked Northern Mexico's specialties: freshly made wheat tortillas, mashed beans, scrambled eggs with dried meat, and cornbread. The perfect breakfast right there.

This is a family business that depends on the region's wine tourism, but more often than not, it caters to the wine country's workers and not the tourists themselves. The Valle de Guadalupe, in Baja, is the source of the country's finest wines.

What's even more exciting is that the Valley is home to prestigious restaurants of word-class quality run by world-renowned Chefs with long trajectories.

The fact that the traditional kitchen was recognized above these more ambitious projects says something: that FoodieHub is really committed to the food, no matter where it is served. This is the best breakfast in Mexico, and it's a healthy breakfast too. Nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

Mama's On Washington Square - San Francisco, CA

Eggs Benedict is a French classic. Still, the famous poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce have found their new home in San Francisco, especially when it comes from Mama's kitchen.

This local hotspot, a neighborhood bakery and eatery, has been around for over 50 years. Omelets here are legendary, and so are the banana pancakes, but one dish that definitely stands out is the eggs Benedict.

Expect a wide variety of Benedicts, all based on two poached eggs on a toasted English muffin and topped with creamy Hollandaise sauce.

The classic comes with Canadian bacon, the Blackstone has crisp bacon and grilled tomato, the Florentine has baby spinach and sautéed mushrooms, and the list keeps on going. The Norwegian Benedicts obviously served with smoked salmon are to die for.

Mama's started as a family-owned ice cream shop in 1951. By 1961 this was already the most famous stop for a hearty breakfast, and it's easy to see why. Everything is homemade, from the jams to the bread, and of course, the eggs are cooked to order.

The Wolseley - Westminster, United Kingdom

The famous English breakfast is the heartiest, most satisfying and filling breakfast on the planet. It's everything you love on a single platter, and then some.

London wouldn't be the same without Piccadilly's famous restaurant The Wolseley, built in 1921 as an office building and turned into a fantastic English restaurant in 2003.

Restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King were behind the renovation, and their hard work soon paid off. They were named Harper & Moet's Restaurant of the Year 2004, The Observer's Best Breakfast 2005 and 2009, Tatler's Restaurant of the Year 2007 and Zagat's Favorite Restaurant 2012 and 2013.

The Wolseley is all about grandeur; expect nothing less than fine-dining to the highest standards. Dinner here is life-changing, but the breakfast is lovely, too, especially if you go for the traditional English breakfast.

Your choice of fried, poached or scrambled eggs with crispy bacon, fatty sausage, baked beans, tomato, black pudding and sautéed mushrooms. This is what we call a massive yet balanced breakfast, and definitely one of the world's tastiest.

Maison Dandoy - Brussels, Belgium

Waffles were invented in Belgium, and trust us, waffles here are at another level. If you think your boxed Eggo's are good, wait until you try these fluffy but crispy waffles.

The best part? You'll find awesome waffles in every other corner. The best ones, though, you'll find those in Maison Dandoy.

What started as a small family operation in 1829 is now a global brand, and all because of the most deliciously buttery waffles, cookies and biscuits ever.

You'll find two types of waffle, the creamy Brussels waffle, which has a crispy, golden exterior, and the Liege waffle, filled with sugar bits for a caramelly treat. Topped with sugar, whipped cream or chocolate, these are just a gorgeous breakfast.

Maison Dandoy's Tea Room & Waffles, in Rue Charles Buls, Brussels, is a must-visit for any waffle and baked goods lover. The whole experience is spectacular.

Consider yourself warned, you'll never see waffles with the same eyes again, and you'll be dreaming of coming back to taste the most delicious griddle cakes on the planet.

Veselka - New York, NY

This spot has been open twenty-four hours and serving fantastic food for a long, long time now. The restaurant opened sixty-six years ago and has become a highlight of the East Village over time. The pierogi, borscht, and goulash have become staples of the neighborhood, and people have long been craving their unpretentious meals which truly hit the spot.

When the spot first opened, it was a newsstand that offered soup and sandwiches. However, it is now a twenty-four-hour hub of activity, and it still stands where it did on that first day. Veselka, which means rainbow in Ukrainian, is a truly tried and tested institution.

Morito Hackney Road - London, United Kingdom

This is an utterly wonderful breakfast spot where everything on the tables is completely made in-house. From the decadent and soft bread rolls to the delicious bougatsa, and Cretan filo. A favorite among the diverse clientele is the stupendous Bloody Mary.

It boasts harissa, fresh cucumber, apple, and mint juice, beetroot, and pear juice. The go-to weekend drink has become another of the stunning offerings to be whispered about between friends. If you’re in the neighborhood and need something of a pick-me-up first thing in the morning, then we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Kepos Street Kitchen - Sydney, Australia

This spectacular spot is a hive of good vibes and warmth that will leave you full of food and joy even on the darkest of rainy days. The food served is a spectacular medley of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European food, and there’s no greater example of this than ‘Kepos Benedict’.

The dish is falafel drizzled with hummus, tomato, labneh, pickled chili, and egg - a truly sensational version of the British brunch classic. One caveat of this spot is that there are no bookings available for the weekends - so you can certainly expect queues.

Cafe Atelier September - Copenhagen, Denmark

This spectacularly stripped-back spot boasts incredible food without the fuss and complexity of a lot of its competitors. The inside of the restaurant is a true tribute to Danish design, replete with white-washed floors, distressed wood bars, and communal tables. Truthfully, the communal tables are a wonderful part of the experience, it feels more homely than other spots.

The institution has food that is both simple and classic, making it hard to say no to. We’d recommend going for the grapefruit and blueberries with granola and an iced coffee. It’s a winning combination, and we can’t get enough of it!

Jack’s Wife Freda - New York, NY

Jack’s Wife Freda opened not too long ago in Soho and has rapidly become a wonderful institution of New York brunch. The low ceilings and warm decoration are really cozy, helping you feel at home while you tuck into great food.

This spot is certainly one of the healthier ones on our list. The food is a healthy mixture between American breakfast and Mediterranean breakfast, which means that you could have a plate of waffles one day, and a bowl of granola the next. They pride themselves on making healthier food taste amazing!

Federal Cafe - Barcelona, Spain

This cafe might sound a little formal and official, but we can assure you that it is anything to buy! The two proprietors took nearly a decade of searching to find the perfect spot, and they certainly succeeded.

The setting is what makes this spot truly different compared to others in the city, with the leafy rooftop terrace completing the building of three levels of timber floors and low-slung banquettes. The wonderful food and design make it a favorite spot for freelancers, completing the laid-back atmosphere that modern Australian food finalizes. From muffins to oven-baked eggs with halloumi, there’s a wealth of amazing food up for grabs.

Kismet - Los Angeles, CA

Kismet, an old word meaning fate, is a stupendous name for the restaurant, which draws you in as soon as you’re within the smelling distance of its incredible offerings. The food is vegetable-centric Middle Eastern cuisine, complete with fruits, nuts, and a generous helping of aromatic herbs. Everything on the menu is made completely from scratch!

This goes for the date butter for the brioche toast just as much as it goes for the labneh whipped with preserved lemon and honey. Finishing this place off is the decor, which features lovely touches of the middle east everywhere, including the beautifully patterned napkins.

Lune Croissanterie - Melbourne, Australia

The croissant is a spectacular food that has been smashed together with any number of wonderful foods over the years, but Lune is one of the first spots to take a step back and focus on making croissants truly, exceptionally well.

The production process takes up to three days for every single croissant, and they’re dedicated to maintaining the wonderful process that they’ve successfully mastered. If you want to observe the process, they offer the ‘Lune Lab’ in which you sit and watch them produce a wonderful three-course pastry meal just for you! Truly, Lune takes brunch seriously, and that reflects in their food.

Sisterfields - Seminyak, Bali

This wonderful cafe is situated in a lovely city in Bali, and operated by two Australians who know a thing or two about great brunch. The interior of the spot boasts simple and wonderful decoration, as well as enormous windows that allow people to watch while you munch.

The food is truly impressive, with everything from smoothies to burgers made exceptionally well just for you - we’d recommend making sure to get some of their coffee, it’s incredible!

Au Bon Pain - USA

Au Bon Pain is a bakery and cafe with many locations across America, and it's incredibly famous for its freshly made pastries, sweet and savory bread and fantastic coffee.

It all started in 1978 when Louis Kane fell in love with the scents coming out of a French oven in a small marketplace in Boston. Displaying the oven as a centerpiece became the main idea behind his new business, letting people see those croissants puff up and turn from pale to golden-brown.

Au Bon Pain means 'from good bread,' and part of the chain's success is using excellent quality ingredients and straightforward recipes — bread is meant to be beautifully simple. Of course, Au Bon Pain is more than fantastic bread — expect hearty ciabatta sandwiches and soft bagels, both filled with eggs, fatty sausages, ham, bacon and creamy avocado.

Today there are over 250 Au Bon Pain across the United States, and some stores exist overseas too. Restaurant chains often forget about quality, but not Au Bon Pain. Here, bread is as good as the one you'd find in a small Parisian bakery.

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