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Best 10 Types of Breakfast

21 November 2021

What are the different types of breakfast? And which one is for you? Learn all about the most important meal of the day. Not every breakfast is the same.

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Enjoying a hearty and healthy breakfast is a great way to be active all day. There’s no doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what are the types of breakfasts?

Here are some of the most exciting types of breakfast around the world. All worthy of trying out. Which type of breakfast is for you?

What Are The Different Types of Breakfast?

1. American Breakfast

One of the most famous breakfasts and one standardized in hotels and resorts around the world, the American breakfast is one of the heartiest you’ll find. This doesn’t mean this is what Americans have for breakfast every day, but it represents a type of meal that caters to the American palate.

Although variations exist, a few fried eggs, toast, bacon and sausages are not uncommon. Crispy hash browns are a popular item, and of course, you must have a tall stack of pancakes with your order.

2. Continental Breakfast

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Compared to the American breakfast, the Continental breakfast is on the other side of the spectrum. This type of breakfast is lighter and smaller.

Bread is always the main feature in the Continental breakfast, whether it’s toast or something fancier like brioche, a croissant or a pastry. Of course, butter, jams, preserves, and sometimes fresh fruit come with bread. Juice and coffee are typical in a Continental breakfast, although you can also enjoy it with a cup of tea.

3. Japanese Breakfast

The Japanese breakfast is considered quite uncommon by foreigners, as it doesn’t look like a western breakfast at all. Miso soup, a flavorful stock seasoned with dried fish flakes, seaweed and tofu, is a classic item in the Japanese breakfast. Pickles, fermented soybeans and salad are also prevalent.

Steamed rice usually makes the most filling part in a Japanese breakfast, and you get your protein from rolled omelets or even salmon. Salmon for breakfast? You bet.

4. English Breakfast

English BreakfastPhoto By Canva

One of the most famous types of breakfast in the world, the English breakfast is often as hearty as its American breakfast.

You get fried or poached eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, beans in tomato sauce, even black pudding. Toast and sweet jams are also part of an English breakfast, and it always comes with black tea and milk. Since there are many elements in a typical English breakfast, you’re often invited to serve yourself buffet-style.

5. Italian Breakfast

Italians start the day with a short espresso shot or a creamy coffee specialty, like a cappuccino or a latte. That’s how they roll. Of course, they might complement their coffee with bread, pastries, cornettos and many other freshly made baking goods.

It comes without saying this is the type of breakfast you grab and go on your way to work. If Italians have time for a heartier breakfast, they might have a frittata or eggs and sausage.

6. Middle East Breakfast

Breakfasts in the Middle East vary greatly, but there are some similarities on everyone’s plate. Fresh cheese, flatbread, olives and dried fruits are not uncommon. Shakshuka, poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, is considered the middle east’s classic and heartiest breakfast item.

You’ll be happy to know falafel also has a place at the breakfast table in many Middle Eastern countries. The chickpea-licious, crispy balls are utterly satisfying.

7. Chinese Breakfast

Chinese BreakfastPhoto By Canva

Chinese is immense, and there are many cultural differences between the provinces. That means that there’s no one traditional Chinese breakfast, but many. Bao steamed buns, tofu pudding, rice porridge, and fried chicken are all everyday breakfast items in China. Noodles and Chinese-style crepes are also prevalent.

Try fried dough sticks dipped in soy milk for the closest thing to a bowl of cereal. And just know that pancakes look like nothing you’ve tried before; these are better!

8. Indonesian Breakfast

Indonesia is a tropical paradise, and delicious food is an easy find. That means that breakfasts here are not only tasty but colorful! A bowl of rice cooked in coconut milk, seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and lemongrass, is served with cucumber slices and fried shallots — that’s the Nasi Uduk breakfast.

Rice congee topped with chicken, eggs and soybeans is a popular street-food breakfast snack as well. And don’t forget to enjoy a bowl of sweet coconut porridge!

9. Indian Breakfast

India is known for its spicy main courses, rich curries and stews. Well, breakfast in the country is equally hearty! Start the day with parathas, pan-fried Indian bread, or enjoy a few rice cakes or momos. You’ll find different items depending on where you are in India.

Rice and lentils, sweet chutneys and many other items make the typical Indian breakfast exciting. Indians prefer a hot meal for breakfast, and they can be very creative about it.

10. Mexican Breakfast

Mexican BreakfastPhoto By Canva

Mexican breakfasts can also be quite hearty and satisfying. Enchiladas are a popular item you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner — tortillas filled with shredded chicken and topped with a spicy green, red or bean sauce.

Cowboy “ranchero” eggs are fried eggs served over a tortilla and bathed with a spicy sauce. Mashed beans are a must at every breakfast table, and so are freshly made tortillas. Mexican-style eggs are an easy way to enjoy the country’s breakfast. Scramble a few eggs with diced tomatoes, onion and jalapeño peppers for a colorful dish!

What Does Your Breakfast Look Like?

How are breakfasts where you live? What is the traditional breakfast in your home? Breakfasts can undoubtedly vary widely, from a bowl of cereal to hearty meals that keep you satisfied all day.

Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast. Start the day with energy and give your body all it needs. What are the best breakfasts? Those you enjoy with your loved ones, so wake up a few minutes earlier and put together a memorable breakfast for your family. Have a great day!

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