mirin Japanese rice wine

Recipes with Mirin Japanese Rice Wine

Mirin is a rice wine used in Japanese cuisine. It has a high sugar content. Mirin, a rice wine similar to Sake, has a lower alcohol content than Sake. The most commonly used mirin varieties are Hon Mirin, Shio Mirin, Shin Mirin.

It is sweet and cooked wine. It is used as a spice and brightener. It is used in making teriyaki sauce. It is a light yellow liquid. It has a dense consistency. It should be used in small amount. It is often preferred for making ramen from Japanese cuisine. It is also used in making soup, meat and french fries. It goes pretty well with vegetables and tofu. When cooking seafood, mirin is also preferred to prevent odor. Due to its sugar and alcohol content, it also prevents the ingredients from breaking down while cooking.

You can prepare a sauce for sushi by mixing Mirin Japanese rice wine with soy sauce and wasabi. For frying meat, you can make a sauce with cinnamon, cumin, tomato paste and mirin. In the baked ham making, you can mix it with apple wine and add flavor to the meal.

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