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Improve Yourself at Home During the Pandemic

19 March 2020

How about getting away from this troubled process and turning the situation to your advantage? The most important precaution to be taken against the COVID-19 outbreak is to stay at home! Remember that none of love, hope, relationships, success disappears. Just think of this difficult time as a short timeout. And this will affect the health of the others, not just us. Have a nice day, and stay positive :) Let's take a closer look at what we can do to keep your morale high and spend quality time at home!


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If you have the opportunity to work from home, be sure to ventilate the environment before you start working. Be on the job at your regular starting time without breaking your current routine. Take a break every 20 minutes and try to move.

If you are not working, "learn something new every day" will make your life better. You can benefit from various online education sites. Edx, Udacity, Google Digital Garage will enable you to improve yourself on various topics. A new language, certificate programs of universities, or whatever subject you are interested in, the slightest development you add to today and your future will make your whole life more productive and make you feel good.

Try new recipes on Petite Gourmets

You can spend time with your loved ones in the kitchen and try new recipes. Share the recipes you try on our site with the #pgrecipes tag or send them to us, and we will publish the photos on our site. As the PG family, we care about you.

The immune system is the subject that you should pay attention to in this process. You can learn more by reading our article "How to strengthen the immune system to protect against coronavirus?".

Read a book

You can read that book that you couldn't start because you didn't have enough time before.

Get a new hobby

You can get new hobbies. You can give yourself a chance in different ares such as painting, music, photography. Who knows, maybe the talent in you is waiting to be discovered.

Watch movies and TV series

You can enjoy movies / TV series any time of the day. There are media service platforms that almost everyone can easily access. Netflix is among the first to come to mind. Even if you do not have an existing membership, you can watch beautiful movies and series with the trial package. If you want a change, bring the movie festival to you! Good news for documentary lovers. You can watch Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival films for free.

Listen to music

Music is the way we all prefer to purify our souls! You can devote more time to listening to music at home, and you can listen to music at any time while working, doing sports or relaxing. Add color to your day with Youtube videos or Spotify playlists.


You can meditate to save your mind and soul from obscurity and get away from stress. You can realize the moment. If you are starting for the first time, perhaps the right moment is now. Meditation will be good for you to get rid of the feel of panic and you feel much better and at peace! Instead of doing it yourself, you can take advantage of existing applications and videos. You can download Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace applications.


It is extremely important that you stay fit during this difficult time. Your body must be strong. One of the most important points to be aware of is not to stay still at home. Make sure to spend a minimum of half an hour doing sports. Pilates, yoga or anything else you feel like doing. You can take advantage of sports videos online.

Explore other cities online

How about discovering the history of different cities while in quarantine? You can see the most beautiful form of art with 360-degree online tours in Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum, New York Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Paris Musée d'Orsay, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum.

We hope that you will feel the happiness of improving and entertaining yourself. Stay healthy!

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