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Best Coffees in the World

26 October 2019

Are you one of those who can't start the day without "coffee"? Or are you someone who has a coffee crisis every day, regardless of time?

Coffee is based on a genus of plant origin, known as Coffea. There are over 500 genera and 6,000 species of tropical trees

Coffea Arabica is made from original coffee trees in Ethiopia. These trees produce a fine, soft, aromatic coffee. It represents approximately 70% of the world coffee production.

Robusta is grown in Central and West Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil. Robusta makes up only 30% of the world market.

The brewing technique, the shot, the by-products it contains affect the quality and taste of the coffee.

Apart from the processing methods, the variety of the plant, the chemistry of the soil, the weather, the amount of precipitation and the sunlight and the height of the coffee can affect the taste of the product. Thus, different tastes that are different from the fields all over the world can be obtained.

Which countries have the best coffee beans?


Although there are many coffee farms on the Hawaiian islands, the most popular is Kona. It is a gourmet coffee grown in the northern and southern regions of Kona on the Island of Hawaii. It has a rich flavor and aroma.


Mexico is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. Coffee in this region has a distinct sharpness and excellent aroma. It is also used frequently in mixtures.

Puerto Rico

It was one of the largest coffee exporters in the 19th century. Today, more focus is on Arabika. Arabika (Arabica) is a coffee plant variety that makes up 70% of the world's production. Two major regions on the Caribbean island: Grand Lares in the south central region and Yauco Selecto in the southwest. Both regions attract attention with their fruits' balanced body and acidity and a fruity aroma.


Brazil is the world's largest coffee producing country. Coffee plantations in Brazil usually cover very large areas. It is grown in both Arabica and Robusta. Climate soil quality and altitude determine which variety will grow best in which region. One cup of Brazilian coffee is clear, sweet, medium-bodied and has low-acid.


Colombia ranks second in annual coffee production. It is the most well-known coffee maker. It has a well-balanced acidity and a mild flavor.


Guatemala's coffee has a distinctive flavor quality preferred by many with its rich taste. It is grown at high altitude. This ensures that the full bodied coffee has an almost spicy flavor.


Ethiopian is the first discovery place of coffee beans. The flavor of this coffee is remarkable. Full flavored and full body.


Indonesia is known worldwide as the perfect region for quality coffee. The coffee factory pioneered the world's coffee production with the introduction of the first coffee factory to Indonesia in the 17th century by Dutch colonists. Indonesia's hot, humid climate enables coffees to have a distinct richness, full body and low acidity.


It is the country where coffee is grown commercially. Due to the dry lands of Yemen, the coffee beans grown here are small and irregular in shape. Yemen coffee has a unique flavor.

We are familiar with many coffee names like americano, espresso, latte, mocha, macchiato, affogato, but do you know the differences? Let's start looking at these differences briefly if you have a cup of coffee ready.

Espresso is a coffee obtained by passing high pressure water at a temperature of 90 degrees inside the coffee, which is very finely ground, compressed and dark roasted. The machine is needed because it is made with pressurized water. You can choose from the machines of Nespresso, Delonghi brands which are great. The moka pot will help you if you want to make it without the machine. One of the things you need to be aware of when brewing coffee with the moka pot is that the coffee beans should be in medium thickness.

General terms for espresso

Shot: One serving is espresso. (1 ounce)

Doppio / Double shot: Uses not only twice the shot but also twice as much coffee, while using the same single serving with fewer shots. (2 ounces)

Ristretto: We can call it 'short shot'. It is obtained by using half the amount of water from a normal amount of coffee. (3/4 ounce)

Lungo: You can think of it as 'long shot'. The difference from normal coffee is that the coffee water ratio is 1:4. Lungo is easier to drink than espresso. (1.5 ounces)

Espresso based coffees

Americano is a lighter coffee drink with hot water added on espresso. It is claimed to be a coffee type prepared by European baristas for American soldiers during World War II.

Latte is among the most preferred coffees. Latte means 'milk' in Italian. It is known as milk coffee. Its formula is espresso, hot milk and foam.

Cappuccino is a type of milk coffee similar to latte. It differs from latte by the way milk is heated. It is also very foamy.

Mocha is a mixture of chocolate and foam after adding milk to espresso.

Macchiato is a type of soft drink coffee. It is obtained by pouring foam on espresso.

Affogato is the perfect harmony of espresso and ice cream. If you like dessert, you can go with this delicious treat.

Filter coffee is a type of coffee obtained by brewing the ground coffee beans through a filter. It is made using a coffee machine or a french press.

How to Make Espresso Without a Machine?

If you don't have an espresso machine, don't worry. You can also make espresso at home with your machine. Here the ways to Make Espresso without Espresso Machine :

French pressPhoto By Canva

Making Espresso with a French Press:

  1. Put 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the French Press.
  2. Add the hot boiled water over the coffee.
  3. Wait for the coffee to brew for about 5 minutes. If you prefer your espresso to be harder, you can let it brew for another minute or two.
  4. Gently press the French Press down.
  5. Push the plunger halfway into the cylinder. Then pull it up and dip it back to the end.

Making Espresso with a Moka Pot:

  1. Pour water into the bottom of the moka pot.
  2. Put the ground coffee beans in the moka pot filter.
  3. Place the mocha bowl on a small stove and heat slowly.
  4. After it boils, remove the moka pot from the stove.

Making Espresso with AeroPress:

  1. Boil 1 cup of water in a kettle.
  2. Add the ground coffee beans to the filter section of AeroPress.
  3. Pour the heated water over the coffee.
  4. Close the cover of the filter.
  5. Place the filter on the cup and press the plunger down.

Is coffee healthy?

According to researchers, it is safe to drink 4 cups of coffee a day. It is recommended not to exceed this limit. It will be healthier to enjoy coffee without overdoing it. If you have a serious health problem, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Why do people drink coffee?

The caffeine in coffee makes people feel energetic. In addition, caffeine is to some extent addictive.

Here are the best coffee recipes for different, special tastes prepared from classics and classic tastes.

Americano Coffee

Americano Coffee

Americano is an espresso-based coffee. Espresso, which is used in many types of coffee, is mixed with water in the Americano coffee recipe, unlike other...

Peanut Butter Coffee

Peanut Butter Coffee

If you like different flavors, pamper yourself with our Peanut Butter Coffee Recipe, which you will love. Bring the salty or slightly sweet aroma of peanuts...

Pumpkin Iced Coffee

Pumpkin Iced Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte or Pumpkin Coffee is a spicy coffee that you can prepare hot or cold. You will love this homemade coffee made with espresso, pumpkin...

Walnut Coffee

Walnut Coffee

Crack the walnuts with the food processor.Add milk, walnuts, vanilla ice cream, coffee, honey and drop chocolate and continue stirring until smooth.Put...

Chocolate Mocha

Chocolate Mocha

Heat the milk so that it does not boil and add cacao.Put the espresso in the cup. Add the heated milk and cacao mixture to espresso.If necessary, add milk...

Cappuccino Coffee

Cappuccino Coffee

Cappuccino is preferred among coffee lovers and coffee shops around the world. The appearance of a traditional Italian cappuccino is the "white crown surrounded...

Oat Latte

Oat Latte

You can also enjoy the taste of the coffee you drink outside at home. The oat latte will give you a feeling of satiety, unlike any coffee you've ever had.

Best Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

Best Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

In the time of social isolation, social media started to take more place in our lives. So trends have become more attractive. As you all know, the latest...

Making Turkish Coffee with Foam

Making Turkish Coffee with Foam

Are you one of those who cannot start the day without coffee?Taking a break from a busy day after work or school or treat yourself with a cup of Turkish...

Flat White

Flat White

Flat white coffee is distinguished by its coffee's richness and velvety smoothness. A flat white is a coffee refreshment made with espresso and microfoam....

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