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Oat Latte

For those who start their day with a cup of coffee, here's an Oat Latte recipe! Feel the rich espresso and oat flavors in every sip.

December 21, 2022
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Oat LattePhoto By Canva
Difficulty Easy
Servings 1 people
Preparation 5 mins
Cooking 5 mins
Total 10 mins



  1. Put the oats and ½ cups milk in a saucepan. Cook the ingredients for about 5 minutes, until the milk thickens.
  2. Add salt and cinnamon and mix.
  3. Add the remaining milk and cook until the oats are creamy. Remove from the heat and stir in the sugar and vanilla extract.
  4. Transfer the oatmeal mixture to a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth.
  5. Then pour the oatmeal back into the saucepan and heat over medium heat.
  6. Put the oats in the cup. Add the espresso.
  7. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and serve.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Oat Latte
Serves 1
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value*
Cholesterol 20 mg6.7%
Sodium 1302 mg56.6%
Potassium 422 mg9%
Protein 13.7 g27.4%
Total Fat 7.7 g9.9%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


  • Use high-quality espresso or coffee. For more, check our article ‘Types of Coffee'.
  • For an intense coffee flavor, use strong coffee. Espresso, hot or cold brewed coffee give an intense coffee flavor to the recipe. To make a hot latte, you can choose espresso, and for a cold latte, you can choose cold brewed coffee.
  • Use rolled oats. For more about types of oatmeal, check out our article ‘How to Make Oatmeal?’.
  • Adjust the caffeine ratio and bitterness to your liking. For this, choose one of the different roasting processes. You can also use decaffeinated espresso if you prefer.
  • Use a milk frother to froth the milk. If you don't have a machine, heat the milk on the stove. Then froth with the milk frother tool.
  • Refrigerate the milk. Cold milk foams better than warm milk. Refrigerate the milk for 20 minutes and froth with the milk frother.
  • Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk. The ideal temperature of the milk for a latte is 130 °F (55 °C).
  • You can also use oat milk instead of oats.
  • Add granulated sugar to the coffee. You can use white or brown sugar.
  • You can use honey, maple syrup, or caramel sauce as a sweetener.
  • Instead of cinnamon, you can add nutmeg or other spices to the latte.
  • Adjust the sweetness of the coffee. You can increase or decrease the amount of sweetener according to your taste.
  • You can adjust the milk, oat, and espresso ratios according to your taste. If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor, use less milk and more oats. If you prefer a creamier, lighter coffee flavor, use more milk and less oats.
  • For a smooth latte, use a hand blender or food processor. Thanks to this, the oatmeal becomes completely powdery.
  • You can prepare the recipe cold or hot.
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You can also enjoy the taste of the coffee you drink outside at home. The oat latte will give you a feeling of satiety, unlike any coffee you've ever had.

What Are the Differences Between a Latte and a Flat White?

Latte and flat white are espresso-based drinks. There are a few differences between these coffees made with espresso and steamed milk. In general, the main differences between a latte and a flat white are the espresso-to-milk ratio, the texture of the heated milk, and the presentation of the coffees.

One of the differences between a latte and a flat white is the ratio of espresso to milk. A flat white has a stronger espresso flavor, while a latte has a greater amount of milk and a correspondingly milder espresso flavor.

Another difference between these two coffees is the texture of the milk. In a latte, milk takes on a more creamy and frothy consistency. In flat white coffee, milk has a smooth and velvety texture.

In addition, latte and flat white coffees are also distinguished from each other by their presentations. Latte is usually served in a larger cup, while flat white is served in a smaller cup.

How To Make an Iced Oat Latte?

You can also prepare this oatmeal latte recipe cold. You can also prepare this oatmeal latte recipe cold. For this, use cold coffee or cold brewed coffee instead of hot coffee. Also, add the milk to the recipe cold. If you wish, you can also use ice to make the recipe cold.

To make an iced oatmeal latte,

  • In a small saucepan, heat the oat milk over medium heat.
  • Add the oats and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the oats are soft.
  • Add sweetener and other ingredients and mix to combine all ingredients.
  • Blend the mixture until smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into the pitcher and chill in the refrigerator.
  • Fill the latte glass with ice.
  • Pour the cooled oatmeal mixture into the glass. Add the espresso.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top and serve.

What To Serve with Oat Latte?

Here are our delicious recipes that you can serve with Oat Latte:

How To Store Oat Latte?

You can store this oatmeal latte in the refrigerator for several days. Put the lattes in a pitcher or jar with a lid and store them in the refrigerator. warm on the stovetop or in the microwave before serving. You can also serve the oatmeal latte cold if you wish.

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