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The Best Chicken Wings Restaurants in the World

14 January 2021

Chicken wings are such a universally loved comfort food that it’s no surprise that there are restaurants out there serving incredible chicken wings made only the way a true artisan could.

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On this list, we’re going to be sharing with you some of the best chicken wings that we can find out there, so head on down to one of these spots as soon as you can!

Barbacoa - Boise, Idaho

Barbacoa is a fancy, trendy Latin-fusion joint in Idaho that’s, honestly, a little bit of a surprise to see in so many places across the internet. We love to eat fusion food, but we genuinely didn’t expect to see Barbacoa rank so highly.

Their sauce, famously, is utterly divine. It straddles the distance between sweet and spicy perfectly while coating tender, plump wings perfectly. The real kicker, however, is that the wings are served with a tiny hibachi grill that’s ideal for crisping your wings up just how you like them. We love to see excellent serving styles on our lists, and this definitely fits the bill for that.

The Bar-Bill Tavern - East Aurora, New York

Bar-Bill is a staple in the Buffalo area for a long time now, and it’s one of the few places where you can feel free to walk in and order a full order of flats.

The Bar-Bill goes the extra mile and makes some of the best sauces in the game. Among their best sauces is their blue cheese dressing, which is made fresh daily. It is a decadent and wonderful whipped version of the classic dipping sauce which, if we’re honest, must be tasted to be believed.

The sauces don’t stop there, however, and include wonderful flavors like honey dijon to Sicilian, zesty honey pepper. How great do they sound? These sauces, paired with the incredible atmosphere of the tavern feel an awful lot like everything that makes the buffalo area great distilled down into one, incredible, building.

Cho77 - Denver, Colorado

The wings at Cho77 are truly an exercise in incredible food. To be entirely truthful, the amazing chicken on offer actually first debuted at ChoLon, a sister restaurant that’s an awful lot fancier. In no time, however, the wings made their way to Cho77 to be enjoyed in a much more relaxed format.

The wings that are served in a standard order are all large, confit wings (where the drumstick is connected to the wing) coated in an utterly masterful sauce. The wings are grilled to get an incredible char before the caramel fish sauce is applied. Okay, we know the name sounds weird, but trust us - it’s incredible! It’s a deliciously sweet and savory wing with burnt sugar, caramel, fish sauce, and chili powder all partying together to make a wonderful dish.

The sauce is exceptional, such that an ideal side order to these wings could be another order of these wings!

Crisp - Chicago, Illinois

This is the first entry on our list to include Korean style chicken wings! The name really says it all. The skin of the wings is flawlessly textured and coats a decadent and juicy interior ideal for dipping. The flavor of the wings is beyond compare and is such that you’re likely considering tearing into another one before you’ve even finished the one in your hand.

Getting the wings BBQ style is a great idea, making for a wonderful fusion between American and Korean flavor profiles. If you’d like to change things up, however, you can opt for the Seoul Sassy, which is a wonderful symphony of ginger, garlic, and soy. Those are, by no means, the only wings that are on offer at Crisp, though they are among the best. We’d recommend either one, but if you can’t decide the restaurant is undoubtedly used to doing mixed orders.

Gertie - Brooklyn, New York

We love to see laid-back cafes like Gertie serving incredible food because they so often do. Whenever you go to a new city, don’t try to find a fancy restaurant with a week-long waiting list, instead try to find a crammed little cafe that will always fit you in, even if it’s on a tiny table in the back.

In a North Brooklyn neighborhood, Gertie is sat. A laid-back cafe with gorgeous cases stuffed with pasties and hashbrowns ideal for anyone and everyone that comes in. Gertie’s breakfasts are legendary, and dinner makes a powerful statement too.

One of the most gorgeous things on the menu is the Poppy’s Duck, which is a $90 meal which, simply, is a whole roasted duck family-style feast. As much as that might be your heart’s desire, the simple wings from the starter menu mustn’t be ignored.

The dollar wings don’t feature the drum part, instead just a slim, non-flying piece of meat and sauce boldly slathered with a wonderful sauce. The wings are incredibly bad boys served alongside a creamy white sauce that needs no introduction - it is simply to die for. You can find the dollar wings on the nighttime menu only, and they make a great takeaway for a solo happy hour at home. Give them a try soon!

Ale Emporium - Indianapolis, Indiana

As is the case with a huge number of great spots, the sign simply couldn’t be big enough to list all their stunning menu items. This is the case here! While Ale Emporium serves a huge range of stunning beers perfect for spending the evening watching and loving some great sport.

The wings, surely, should be up on the sign out front - they’re that good. The wood-paneled, brass-railed neighborhood joint serves up plates of the most incredible food, incredible chicken wings. There are a huge number of different sauce options up for grabs and written on the menu, though if you’re there you ought to know which is the best one. Beyond any argument, we adore the Hermanaki wings.

The recipe is a very closely guarded secret recipe that is named after the owner. The mystical process involves an addictive dry rub, a bath in the fryer, and, finally, a gentle finish on the grill. While they aren’t known across the globe, they certainly should be. If you’re anywhere near Indiana, it’s certainly worth going to check out this amazing food!

Bird - Stockholm, Sweden

Bird is a wonderful wings restaurant where all of the recipes and dishes are driven by the innovation and creativity of the chefs. Their go-to philosophy is to do everything they can to marry comfort food and innovation. The plates are typically small, and designed for sharing unique flavors that present themselves. All the wings on offer are super exciting, with unique sauces and toppings that are sure to excite anyone.

They first opened up in 2015 and were the first independent chicken wing restaurant in Stockholm. The only other chicken wing restaurant that ever opened in the city was KFC.

The chain giant shut down that store after a few years. In contrast, Bird has been open for much longer now! That, if nothing else, shows you how good the chicken truly is.

Brewbites - Zagreb, Croatia

Brewbites are known far and wide as an exceptional sports bar that serves amazing chicken. On top of that, Brewbites is known to have a great atmosphere, with live food, great beer, and stunning music.

Primarily, Brewbites is an American restaurant, and they wanted to ensure that their menu reflected that. Therefore, they made sure to populate it with delicious fast food which includes their stunning wings. Their flagship wings are their buffalo wings with sweet chili sauce. By all accounts, the buffalo sauce is amazing - the perfect addition to wings that are crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy and tender on the inside.

Along with their amazing wings, they serve a large amount of other food. For example, they serve great ribs and burgers, too, which are among their most popular offerings. One offering that we’d love to try would have to be their ‘cheezy bacon’ - delightfully cooked potato topped with cheese sauce and pieces of fried bacon.

ChickenBuzz - Berlin, Germany

ChickenBuzz is a wildly popular spot among Berlin’s many eateries, and a little bit of knowledge about their food will tell you why. The restaurant is super trendy and staffed by people who masterfully create a wonderful atmosphere while cooking great chicken for each person that walks through the door. The atmosphere of a place comes up quite often on this list, and there’s a reason for that - food always tastes better when you’re eating it within a great place.

The portions are all quite small, meaning that people often order lots of dishes to share between friends, similarly to a tapas restaurant. This means that the restaurant is a great, communal way to eat out with your friends and try new things together. That’s the foundation of a lot of great nights, and ChickenBuzz knows it - they’ve generated a wonderful spot where you can feel free to relax and eat great chicken.

Langoše & Krídelká od Irenk - Bratislava, Slovenia

This is a small spot that does really well to create a homely environment where they serve only the best food. Among their varied and complex menu, they serve wings and ribs - which is what they’re truly known for. The local style BBQ joint serves meat that is succulent and melts in your mouth - as only the best meat dishes do.

This restaurant takes a brilliant approach to some people’s favorite comfort food - making wings and ribs gourmet. In that vein, their wings are classic, with crispy skin and tender meat, but made exceptionally well.

A lot of people choose to get their food delivered to their homes, which makes for a great treat. It’s well-known that a lot of people choose to get their wings delivered after a night out, or even the next day when they’re dealing with their hangover. At the end of the day, what’s a better measure of comfort food when you know people use it to soothe hangovers?

Way Down South - Oslo, Norway

This restaurant serves incredible food of a number of different types. While their wings are spectacular, they pride themselves on remaining as true to American food as possible - which means serving a lot of different dishes. They cook everything you can imagine, from whole chickens to a stunning brisket, and loaded nachos and fries. This spot is exactly the kind of place that you’d come to treat yourself - the food is that brilliant combination of delicious and unhealthy.

There are a huge number of different types of wings on the menu, and they’re all stunning. They’ve perfected any number of different spice blends to give you a great combination of flavor and the classic ‘crispy outside, tender inside’ texture. This is definitely a spot worth heading to if you’re in the neighborhood, the food is divine.

Siipiweikot - Helsinki, Finland

This is a stunning example of a restaurant that has truly embraced the unique taste, texture, and potential of the chicken wing. Their menu makes it extremely clear that they specialize in wings, as nearly every item is a different variation on the bar snack classic. In a true testament to how good their wings are, you can buy them in increasingly large quantities, such as one hundred individual wings! Whichever way you look at it, that’s a great display of their confidence in their delicious recipe.

These wings are utterly classic, and come coated in a delicious and rich buffalo sauce, perfect! The wings are typically served with either a single or double portion of sauce, and the classics that they offer are celery and cheesy dips. The atmosphere within the wing spot is great - it’s really relaxed, and ideal to spend the first portion of a great night out. As we said above, the portions are absolutely enormous, so make sure you come with an appetite!

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