Recipes with Cornmeal

It is a type of flour made from dried corn. Coarse corn flour has a harder texture than regular corn flour. It is a gluten-free flour as it is made from dry corn.

Cornmeal contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than other commonly consumed grains. It is obtained from white or yellow corn. Cornflour; It is ground to different degrees such as fine, medium or coarse. This grinding degree determines the texture of the flour. The harder corn flour is called cornmeal.

Cornmeal is grinded much coarser than corn starch and corn flour. Used in many dishes. It gives texture to food. It is preferred to thicken stews, soups and sauces. It is also preferred as breaded in corn bread, fish and chicken dishes. It is among the ingredients used in making pancakes, cookies, muffins and polenta.

Cornmeal and corn flour are both made from dried corn. However, cornmeal and corn flour are different in terms of their texture. This corn flour is preferred in soups, rice and beans to give it consistency.

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