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14 Best Steakhouses In The World

25 November 2020

Who can say no to a great steak? Best Steakhouses In The World that offers the most delicious food journey for meat lovers!

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Steak is, without a doubt, one of the most popular foods in the world. There has been no shortage of birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other celebrations commemorated at steakhouses the world over, which only goes to show the extreme popularity of steak. It’s something almost universally loved, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of people who have tried to perfect it the world over.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a few of the best steakhouses that can be found anywhere in the world. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Porteño - Sydney, Australia

Food from Australia has long involved a deep-seated love for a great slab or perfectly cooked, wonderfully seasoned meat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that chefs Ben Milegate and Elvis Abrahanowicz have opened one of the most successful steak restaurants the world over.

They’ve been named the best food in Sydney by the Good Food Guide, and their steak is sure to impress. You can have it cooked either a la parrilla or asado. These cooking styles are South American in origin, as is the name of the restaurant, and they mean, in turn, charcoal-grilled and grilled over a wood fire in a fire pit.

Hawksmoor - London, United Kingdom

The Hawksmoor has long been known to be an incredibly prestigious set of restaurants, with all six locations in London known to serve truly excellent food. Hawksmoor calls themself ‘the best steak in London,’ and it’s hard to disagree. The website describes the steaks as being ‘dictionary thick’ and cooked over charcoal for a traditional, old-school, charred taste.

While these Hawksmoor steaks are known to be delicious, all the trimmings have a superb reputation as well. According to nearly everyone who dines there, you must make sure you try the anchovy hollandaise and the bone marrow gravy. Both these condiments and the steaks are easy to cook, but difficult to cook perfectly. Cooking all of those things perfectly is what Hawksmoor specializes in, so they’re definitely worth a visit.

Aragawa - Tokyo, Japan

This steakhouse has been world-famous for an incredibly long time now. That status has made sure that it definitely isn’t budget-friendly. However, a huge number of reviewers all agree that the superb beef is worth the $370 that it’s sold at.

The restaurant uses Sanda beef which is raised for twenty-eight months in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. Hyogo Prefecture is known for the quality of its beef not just in Japan, but the world over.

Once the beef has been produced into huge, decadent slabs, it is cooked in a special oven over binchotan hardwood. This is, interestingly, a different technique to a lot of other steakhouses, which are more likely to use charcoal to make their steaks. Aragawa is one of the best restaurants in the world, and while the price tags match up to that reputation, so does the quality of the food.

Nusr-et - Bodrum, Turkey

The world famous Nusret - #saltbae, owns many steakhouses around the world. He recently opened a few restaurants in the United States, including one in NYC. Our favorite one is located in the famous seaside town of Bodrum. The venue is located right on the beautiful Aegean Sea, and the ambiance of the restaurant is breathtaking. There is usually a line most nights so we recommend you to reserve your table ahead of time.

The food is simply amazing. There are various options to choose from according to your taste and they will suggest the best wine pair with your selection, and you should go with their suggestion. Some of our favorite dishes at Nusret are goat cheese salad, lokum, filet mignon, new york steak and baklava.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse - New York, New York

Wolfgang's SteakhousePhoto By Wolfgang's Steakhouse

The eponymous Wolfgang Zwiener is a particularly well-known figure in the world of restaurateurs - and has produced a genuinely exceptional Steakhouse in Tribeca, New York.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is renowned for its superb porterhouse steaks, but there’s so much more to the location as well. The atmosphere, menu, and stunning location is enough to draw in any customer at all. The environment and interior decoration of the restaurant make sure that diners will feel comfortable sitting back and enjoying their steak, knowing it’s one of the best meals in the world.

Templo da Carne Marcos Bassi - Sao Paulo, Brazil

This amazing place is named after the head chef - Marco Bassi. He is a legend around the culinary world for his steak, and this wonderful restaurant - the name of which translates to Temple of Meat - is his legacy. The food in this spot is considered to be some of the best in Brazil, with reviewers actually describing it as the best food that they’ve ever had!

The food is also more than fairly priced, which is difficult to find in a number of steakhouses nowadays. We would recommend well and truly going for it with the Bom Bom steak, which clocks in at $28. It’s an amazing rump steak that is cooked so good that it virtually melts in your mouth - amazing!

La Cabrera - Beunos Aires, Argentina

This spot is actually one that you might already know of! It’s famous because it was, not so long ago, named one of Diner’s Club and San Pellegrino’s fifty best restaurants in Latin America! Considering how enormous the continent is, that says an awful lot about the quality of the food.

La Cabrera specializes in Argentine steak cuts, including the traditional and wonderful bife de chorizo. Each steak is served on a beautiful wooden board and accompanied by pickles and sauces. The pickles and sauces are nearly as impressive as the steak - combining spectacular herbs and spices with a huge amount of other ingredients, complimenting the steak wonderfully!

La Maison de L’Aubrac - Paris, France

La Maison de L’Aubrac steaksPhoto By Instagram

This amazing spot is one of the priciest spots on this list, but it’s certainly worth it. In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about reducing food miles and eating closer to home - this restaurant well and truly got in early on that trend!

The proprietors of this Parisian institution have been raising their own cows for three generations now! As we said before, the meat does cost a lot - a filet goes for about fifty dollars! However, since the restaurant raises their own cows, they truly care about that meat, which certainly comes through in the end product. The meat is notoriously cooked impeccably well, being tender, and of only the highest quality.

Shanahan’s on the Green - Dublin, Ireland

steak from Shanahan’s on the GreenPhoto By Shanahan’s on the Green

This steakhouse takes pride in the fact that it’s utterly American, from the food that it serves to the decor around the building. For example, the downstairs Oval Office bar is packed with memorabilia that honors US presidents of Irish origin. The piece that they’re most proud of is JFK’s rocking chair, which takes center stage.

The luxurious steaks are all certified grass-fed Irish Angus, and they’re cooked in a special broiler to pink perfection. Along with the steak, this spot boasts an impressive array of sides and starters, from shrimp cocktails to Irish smoked salmon. Shanahan’s does the reputation of a classic steakhouse proud and has consistently been named as one of the best restaurants in Dublin by a number of publications.

Parador La Huella - Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

It is said that there are more cows in Uruguay than there are people, so you can be sure that everyone in the country will honor beef in their cooking. At this incredible beachside spot, customers often remark upon how fresh and wonderful the meals are, and critics agree too! The grilled chorizo, blood sausage, pork flank steak, and roast lamb meals ‘born of ritual and fed by experience and hard work’.

Treating their beef with such reverence only leads to incredible meals, and it’s the consensus of a huge number of people who’ve dined there that the food must be tasted to be believed!

Wadakin - Osaka, Japan

In a fantastically unique preparation method, Matsusaka cattle receive massages to tenderize the meat. According to rumor, farmers also give their pampered cattle beer to drink and Mozart to listen to.

These are the cattle that are butchered to be cooked at Wadakin, a spectacular restaurant ninety minutes east of Osaka. The utterly stupendous melt-on-the-tongue steak, which is cooked over a hibachi grill, is unrivaled in terms of sweetness and tenderness. After a few bites, you will completely believe the rumors.

A Figueira Rubaiyat - Sao Paulo, Brazil

This beautiful restaurant has a sprawling tree that grows right through the restaurant. The incredible atmosphere helps to accentuate the amazing beef and pork. The steak and baby pork ribs are cooked over huge wooden barbecue pits, making the whole experience of them hard to forget.

There are other Rubaiyat restaurants around the world, now, but it is truly hard to forget the original. The thing that truly separates this spot from all of its sister locations is the glass roof, through which you can see the top of the tree in the restaurant, as well as the sky above you. It is utterly resplendent in its beauty.

El Capricho - Leon, Spain

Castilla y Leon is one of the largest autonomous communities (similar to States or Counties) in Spain, and in that northwest corner is El Capricho, one of the most welcoming grill rooms in the world. The owner, Jose Gordon, favors local, older cattle. He makes sure that all of his beef is grilled over sweet-smelling Spanish oak for an incredible flavor.

The result of this method is wonderful t-bones and sirloins with the incredible complexity of flavor. You are encouraged to wash the meat down with first-class Spanish red wine, which is certainly allowed to flow freely in this restaurant. While this spot is a little off the beaten track, it is a beautiful place to eat some beautiful steak - most certainly worth a visit.

CUT - London, United Kingdom

The exact beef that is used at this location has never, truly, been disclosed. However, one thing’s for sure: it’s some of the most amazing steaks that we’ve ever eaten! The restaurant offers prime wet- and dry-aged beef, from USDA prime to South Devon Angus and Darling Downs Australian Wagyu.

The meat is all brought to your table beneath napkins, as though they’re competing for your attention. CUT is a powerful scene and is regarded to serve some of the best steaks in London.

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There are as many ways to cook steak as there are people in the world, and there are just as many different palettes to decide which restaurant makes it best. However you feel about steak, these restaurants are known to make incredible food, and we’d love to go and try them out soon!

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