10 Best Spanish Restaurants in the US

11 December 2021

Spanish food is delicious and colorful. Get to know the best restaurants where you can find Spanish cuisine, one of the popular cuisines.

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Spanish food is heartwarming and comforting. It’s also exotic and intensely flavorful! There’s no doubt Spanish food is worthy of the most memorable occasions, but where to find it?

Here are our 10 best Spanish restaurants in America. Trustworthy ambassadors for Iberian food. See if you live near one of these!

What Are The Best Spanish Restaurants in the US?

Spanish restaurants can be upscale and classy or loud casual eateries. Either way, Spanish food is a synonym for a good time, especially if they’re the real deal.

1. Can Front, Portland, OR

Can Front is a stylish tapas bar and modern Spanish restaurant at the heart of Portland. The welcoming atmosphere and the young crowd make you feel in Barcelona, and the food’s authenticity is hard to beat.

Spanish and Catalan specialties are well represented at Can Front, from grilled octopus to an apparently simple but delicious bread topped with crushed tomato. Enjoy a wide variety of small plates, including olives, patatas bravas and ham croquettes. This is Spanish food like it always should be — rich and vibrant.

2. Coqueta, San Francisco, CA

Coqueta is one of the most famous Spanish restaurants in San Francisco and California. The “flirty” restaurant is all about small plates or tapas. Enjoy pintxos made with anchovies and olives or Catalan sausage. The famous patatas bravas are spicy but still flavorful, and the grilled octopus is fork tender.

What you’ll love the most about Coqueta are the attentive service and the atmosphere. Of course, their beer and cider selection is not bad at all. There’s another Coqueta in Napa Valley if that’s closer to you.

3. Salero, Chicago, IL

An extensive selection of Spanish wine complements an excellent Spanish menu at Salero, at the heart of the West Loop, in downtown Chicago.

Everything, from the sourdough bread and the Spanish olives to the White bean stew and the venison leg, is fantastic. Expect a high-end flair to these traditional dishes. The paella here, by the way, is one of the best in town and leaves room for dessert because the custardy creme Catalan is on another level. Salero checks all the right boxes. If you’re in Chicago, check it out.

4. é by José Andrés, Las Vegas, NV

José Andrés is one of the most renowned Spanish chefs in America, and amongst all his restaurants, perhaps the finest is é. This is not your average tapas bar, but an authentic gastro-temple where fine dining and haute cuisine are the norm.

More than a meal, get ready for a culinary experience. The menu changes often, but every dish is a life-changing experience. Expect to pay a premium, though, and book your table in advance. This is Spanish food like no other.

5. Toro, Boston, MA

Toro is a Spanish tapas restaurant in Boston’s South End, and the menu is inspired by Barcelona’s cold and hot small plates. Opened in 2005, Toro is now an iconic landmark in the city, especially for its seafood tapas, including the octopus, cod croquettes and tuna tartare.

As for larger meals, the Paella at Toro is a must, especially the Valencian Paella with shrimp, mussels, clams, chorizo and chicken. If you’re into the sweet, cinnamony churros, you’re at the right place — these are the absolute best in town.

6. The Iberian Pig, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has a formidable restaurant scene, and The Iberian Pig is definitely part of it. A tapas bar and butcher. This authoritative Spanish spot is your go-to eatery to satisfy all your Spanish cravings.

Iberico ham is readily available at all quality levels. Spanish cheese is also a feature in the menu, but the tapas are what you just can’t miss. Marcona almonds, goat’s cheese-stuffed peppers, patatas bravas, garlic shrimp and pork meatballs are all great alternatives. DO try the Iberico mac n cheese, though — it’s as good as it sounds.

7. Boquería, Washington DC

Boquería is an authentic tapas bar in Washington DC serving authentic Spanish food in a casual environment. Free-flowing cava during happy hour and a superb tasting menu are perhaps your best bet, but everything here is excellent.

The paella, patatas bravas, tortilla Española and even the Brussels sprouts are exciting. Try the meat skewers or the duck confit for a heartier meal. Don’t forget to try the churros! This is a gem at the vibrant Penn Quarter, DC, and it’s a worthy ambassador for the rich Spanish culinary traditions.

8. Casa Mono, New York City, NY

Two restaurants in one, Casa Mono and Bar Jamón, are one and the same, and together they offer the most refreshing take on Spanish food in New York City.

Spanish jam is obviously fantastic here, but you must try the razor clams and the scallops with serrano, pepper and green curry. At Casa Mono, you’ll find a tremendous selection of wine, cider and beer, which makes this place a great alternative to just hanging out Spanish-style.

9. Txikito, New York City, NY

Specializing in Basque cuisine, Txikito is a fabulous Spanish restaurant and tapas bar on 9th Ave, NY. Croquettes, olives, Gernika peppers and anchovies are all extraordinary starters, but wait until you try the thin laminated king oyster mushrooms with aged Basque cheese and the snappy asparagus!

Seafood is also well represented at Txikito, with whole trout and octopus carpaccio as the restaurant’s main features. A great spot for private dinner parties and group dinners, Txikito never disappoints; it has that unmistakable Spanish feel.

10. LA Paella, Los Angeles, CA

This is the most authentic Spanish restaurant in Los Angeles, and the specialty is, you guessed it, the paella. Cozy and romantic, this intimate spot will take you to Spain and back with every bite.

The great Jamon Iberico platter might be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it, and the paella marinera is hands down the best in town. Of course, you can always order a wide variety of small plates and share them with your friends and family. Order one of the several paellas and rice dishes on the menu.

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