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Anchovy Birds

November 15, 2019
Anchovy Birds
Difficulty Medium
Servings 4-6 people
Preparation 30 mins
Cooking 30 mins
Total 60 mins



  1. Extract the anchovy's head and bones and clean them. Wash the anchovies you fillet into plenty of water and dry them with towel paper. Sprinkle with salt.
  2. In 3 separate bowls put flour, eggs, and corn flour. Pour a little salt into the corn flour and mix.
  3. Put oil in the pan and heat.
  4. Put the two anchovies together that you fillet by the inner side facing each other.
  5. Dip first in the flour, then the egg and then the corn flour and fry both sides.
  6. Cool towel paper on the serving plate. Take the anchovies fried on both sides. Serve with lemon and greens.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Anchovy Birds
Serves 4-6
Amount Per Serving
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Anchovy is an delicious fish of the Black Sea culture and is consumed in many different ways. If you want to prepare a practical and delicious anchovy dish, this will be the right choice.

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