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10 Best Wedding Cocktails From Classic to Modern Drinks

15 October 2021

Cocktails are one of those details that can turn your wedding into a more memorable event. Who doesn’t love a cold drink to start the party?

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If you’re planning your wedding, you know there’s lots to consider, from the dress to venue. Still, take a few minutes to choose your signature cocktail. If something can make your wedding truly special is the right boozy drink. And although you can definitely hire a professional bartender to create a custom drink for you, you should also consider a classic drink. They’re crowd-pleasers! Here are the 10 best wedding cocktails from all eras.

10 Best Wedding Cocktails

The right drink can elevate your wedding to new heights. Cocktails are as important as the flavor of your cake! Really! And that’s because cocktails get the party started, and what’s a wedding without a good party?

Well, here are the most popular wedding cocktails. Choose wisely — they’ll all add a unique feel to the entire event and say much about the newlyweds. So, what’s it going to be? Are you going for a classic cocktail, or are you looking for something more colorful?

1. The Mimosa

This is one of the most classic wedding cocktails, and it’s particularly suitable if you’re getting married at noon.

This one is also easy to put together, it’s just a thin flute glass filled with Champagne and orange juice, so it’s perfect for large weddings with lots of guests. The bartender can dispatch dozens of these in minutes.

The mimosa might be simple, but it’s classy. For a day wedding, there’s just nothing like it. It’s also ideal for making toasts!

2. The Kir Royale

Kir Royale CocktailPhoto By Canva

This is another classic cocktail based on Champagne. Instead of orange juice, you combine the bubbly wine with the famous creme de cassis or blackcurrant liqueur. Imagine the fizziest berry-scented drink with the most gorgeous ruby color. This one certainly looks lovely.

The Kir Royale is also easy to put together, so you won’t have to wait much for everyone to have one in hand. If you decorate the tables with hints of red, this one's for you. And compared with the mimosa, this one is boozer, by the way!

3. The Old Fashioned

Now, for a unique wedding cocktail, why not go with one of the first cocktails in history? This one goes back to 1806. The old fashioned is a combination of whiskey, bitters and a sugar cube, and it caters to a younger crowd. Did you know this old cocktail is still the most ordered drink at bars worldwide?

If your guests are partygoers, they’ll undoubtedly appreciate this potent drink. And the cocktail itself says a lot about the couple — it says: forget about traditions, let’s start a party!

4. The Margarita

Margarita CocktailPhoto By Canva

More and more weddings occur in Mexico, particularly in the sunnier coastal destinations, from Baja to Cancun. But you need not travel all the way down to Mexico to add some Fiesta to your wedding.

The Margarita is a classic, and it is a synonym for all-out parties. Tequila lime juice and orange liqueur are the main ingredients, and a tasty salt rim makes these an attractive alternative.

You can also have custom strawberry margaritas. In fact, you can make these in a wide variety of fruity flavors.

5. The Mojito

And here’s another fun, tropical cocktail to add some excitement to your reception. The mojito is crowd-pleasing and refreshing, and it’s perfect for a summer wedding when you know it’s going to be hot outside.

Fresh mint leaves, a nice rum, lime juice, cane sugar and a splash of sparkling water make the mojito a refreshing delight, and it has the loveliest green hue. If green is your color, the mojito will fit right in.

Keep in mind making mojitos takes a bit of time, so this might not be ideal if you have more than a few dozen guests.

6. The French 75

French 75 CocktailPhoto By Canva

Back to the classics and the fizzy drinks. If you want a Champagne-based cocktail with personality, the French 75 will surely do the trick.

The French 75 is a fizzy drink made with Champagne, sugar, lemon juice and gin. So, if you like Gin & Tonics, you’ll love this one. Beautifully balanced between tartness and sweetness, and with Champagne’s iconic bubbles, this classic drink of the WWII era is a fun wedding cocktail to consider. If you’re not a Gin fan, you can ask for this one with vodka instead.

7. The Michelada

If you’re a beer fan and so are most of your guests, a beer cocktail is for you. Of course, this one is not as fancy as other drinks on the list, but it’s equally tasty, and if you’re putting together a laid-back reception and are looking for something more casual, then you’ll love the Michelada.

This cocktail beer calls for a lager beer livened by a splash of lime juice and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. You can add a few drops of Tabasco sauce for a spicier drink. Served in a mug with a salt rim, this cocktail is tons of fun!

8. The Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan CocktailPhoto By Canva

On the other side of the spectrum, if fashionable drinks are your cup of tea, why not surprise your guests with a 90s classic. The timeless tall drink made with vodka, orange liqueur and cranberry juice is more than delicious; it’s addictive and pretty too!

Serve it on a martini glass and watch all your guests raise their ruby-red glasses in your honor. This one is also a fantastic drink for bridal and bachelorette parties! It comes without saying red drinks contrast beautifully with white tablecloths and flowers.

9. The White Russian

Not all wedding cocktails are served before dinner; You can serve some of the most memorable with the cake. These after-dinner drinks are tons of fun and can add new life to the party.

The white Russian is a creamy drink made with half & half, vodka and coffee liqueur, and it’s delicious. Not everyone wants to drink a cup of coffee at a party, but they can still enjoy a caffeine kick with an after-dinner drink.

This one is also quite beautiful; it’s a layered drink perfect for complementing a black and white decor.

10. The Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee CocktailPhoto By Canva

And talking about after-dinner drinks, this fantastic warm cocktail is perfect for winter weddings where you know the air will be a bit chilly. Freshly brewed coffee spiked with Irish whiskey and topped with whipped cream is a delightful alternative for ending the night with a high note.

If you’re getting married in winter or you’re of Irish descent, this drink is totally for you, and your guests will surely appreciate it.

After All, this is The Most Important Day of Your Life!

Choosing the right wedding cocktail is paramount. It will round up the entire experience for you and your guests. Whether you want to keep things casual and tropical or are looking for a high-end feel, cocktails can help you achieve your goal.

Choose your favorite cocktail and talk to your caterer and wedding planner; we’re sure they will have a few more ideas to make your cocktail dreams come true. After all, your wedding should be the biggest party of your life!

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